Need a Second Opinion?

"Sherwin Gilmour and their staff made our wedding dreams a reality! The hall was beautiful, the catering was delicious, and the staff was very nice and skillful. Everything was on time and just as planned... so ladies... if you want a hassle-free wedding that will go as you want it... look no further because this place is it!"

Chrystal & Brad

"We wanted a reception that provided as much as possible in one package so that we had less to worry about and Sherwin Gilmour definitely did just that! Everything was included from the linen and food to the cake, pastry table, staff and dance lights! All we had to do was show up! They are experienced in what they do and will help you plan out your perfect day so that it goes smoothly and problem-free! The food was delicious and the staff was exquisite! We would definitely recomment Sherwin Gilmour to all the future newlyweds!"

Samantha & Chris

"Our wedding day can be summed up in one word: perfect! From the food to the staff and organization, Sherwin Gilmour knows how to perform a wedding! They helped us through the whole process and even on the day of the wedding to make sure everything went as planned. Don't be fooled by other halls that give you an initial good price because they will add on little things more and more until you're way past your budget. There are no suprises with Sherwin Gilmour! They provide a full package with everything included so you don't have to worry about the small charges other halls will throw at you. If you want a problem free and hassle free wedding... choose this place!"

Katie & George

"We came to Sherwin Gilmour with a strict budget and many demands. To our suprise, they were able to help us make sure we got what we wanted for the budget we were looking for. Small changes like moving the day or substituting little things that are unnoticable made a drastic change to the price and they were able to show us that! Our wedding day was beautiful and didn't cost us a fortune! Thank you Sherwin Gilmour!"

Lashonda and Craig

"Thank you Sherwin Gilmour for a gorgeous wedding! The food was delicious and we heard people talking about it for the rest of the week asking for the recipe for the chicken! The staff was very nice and the hall was beautiful. Everything that was promised was delivered and we couldn't ask for more!"

Kiana and Marlon

"We had the most wonderful wedding day at Sherwin Gilmor Party Center the greatest food, the most amazing music, and the greatest service.We couldn't be happier and could only thank Diana and everyone else who made our wedding day sooo extremely wonderful! Thank you!"

Billy and Abbie

"The wedding was spectacular. We were amazed by the beauty of the hall - including the gigantic chandeliers, the engaging and colorful lighting effects, delicious food and respectful serving. We had a lot of fun. This is definitely the best place to have a wedding reception."


"Sherwin Gilmour worked out perfect for us and we wouldn’t hesitate to choose them again! From first coming to look at the hall until after the reception they were easy to work with. The food was hot and delicious. For weeks afterwards our family and friends have commented about how good the food was and how nice the reception hall was and we couldn’t agree more."

Linda & George
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